Skiing fun in sight right by the slopes

A romantic retreat right by the slopes. Southern joie de vivre meets Alpine earthiness here, just a few meters from the border to Italy. Get on your skies straight from the hotel to enjoy the slopes. Have fun!

  • (Deutsch) Winterzauber
    1 Nights
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    2 Nights
    from € 102,-,- Select now
  • (Deutsch) Frühlingsskilauf
    3 Nights
    from € 99,- Select now
  • (Deutsch) Schneegenuss für Spätbucher
    3 Nights
    from € 650,- Select now

Highlights of the Almhotel Kärnten

  • Rooms & Suites
  • 150 m2 spa
  • Excellent cuisine and nice restaurant area
  • Informal atmosphere and Service
  • Right by the piste
  • Located below the peak of Gartnerkofel, where the world famous, rare flower 'Wulfenia' blossoms in June.
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